Tricia Dishes

Friday, December 14, 2012

Today's news is horrific. I can't imagine someone going into an elementary school and killing small children. It really makes it worse that it is a week before Christmas. Just think of all the plans and gifts they had planned.
Our apartment complex had its party yesterday. Lots of food and we got a soft couch throw with Wisconsin Cove embroidered on it! Last year we got air freshener!!! We must be doing pretty good this year!!!
Okay, I watched all the Big Bang Theory dvds. I sure hope Christopher and Katie get them now. It would be my luck that the package gets lost. Keep your fingers crossed.  And of course, the tv is on talking about the tragedy so if there is a problem with the package, well, it's not important in the scheme of things.
I don't have too much to say, so I am going to watch something on my TIVO.  I ordered the new Led Zeppelin dvd and I wish it were here now! I would watch that in a heartbeat!!!
Take care and hug, either physically or long distance (like me!) your kids. Bye, t

Saturday, December 01, 2012

Well, tomorrow is the fifth anniversary of David's death. What a wild five years, not counting those when he was sick. Part of me feels like I just talked to him  yesterday, but then I really get to missing him very badly. It is very hard to realize he is still not coming home. I have SO much to tell him!!
I certainly hope the Mayans were wrong. I got Christopher all the seasons of The Big Bang Theory and I want to watch them before I send them. BUT, my dvd player isn't working. Neither is the one that Phil brought over. So, I am going to have to buy a new one. The Big Bang Theory, in my   humble opinion, is just as good as Friends or Seinfeld. They are on every day and I watch 'em all. But they aren't in order so that is why I want to watch Christopher's. And there is a gag reel on all dvds. I really need to see them, for sure!
I've been Christmas shopping, mainly online. There were some bad screwups with these companies, but I think things have been straightened out now. Now, to the wrapping! I HATE wrapping presents because they all look terrible!  I really envy someone who can do a great wrap job.
I found out a lot of my roaches had made their home in my kitchen clock. I junked it, have a new one, so I hope that this will be the end of it. It really was bad at night. At least they weren't cockroaches, just little water roaches, but they are gross, too. Of course, if one slowed down, the Lord called him home, usually with my shoe or the palm of my hand. YUCK!!! Management has really tried to help me with the problem. Now I hope I can tell them I am roach free!!
I am going to take a nap, I think. So everyone have a great evening, and tomorrow, think about David and how great he was. I really do miss that man.
Later, t