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Friday, October 19, 2012

I want to thank my REAL friends for understanding about my situation. Losing David was the hardest thing in the world and then my health took a nosedive. I have since read that after caregiving, the caregiver gets sick. I am better, but I do have my bad days. I thank you for understanding that I did not CHOOSE to be in pain and not be able to talk very well.  I pray it will get better in the months to come. I just do the best that I can do.
We had inspection and I passed with flying colors. I am going to put a shelf up in my bathroom and a floor length mirror on my bathroom door.  I will just have to leave them if I ever leave here. And there is no indication that that is going to happen anytime soon!
The family reunion is this weekend. The weather is going to be perfect and I hope that I will be able to stay a good while. But if I can't, Phil will bring me home.
Erica is coming home in a couple of weeks to go to Mistletoe Market. I can't wait!! It's been since January that I have seen her. Of course, I haven't seen Christopher since Christmas night and I have a couple of more years before I see him.  But he and Katie DID get the package!!  But they had to pay a tax on it because it weighed so much!!!!  Who knew?  Now I will know.
Okay, I am about to go eat a boiled egg. Funnzies!!!!
Talk to you later!  t


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