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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hey!  I lost my debit card yesterday!!!  Hopefully, I killed it before anyone gets a hold of it. It has GOT to be in my car, but I have searched high and low for it, for naught.
The reunion was good. I felt I looked really nice, but the facial thing ruined that. Phil and I went and ate and visited with a few people and then had to come home. He really fit in very well, even making a joke to the room!  I am glad he is in my corner.
It is supposed to get cold this weekend. I enjoy my shorts!!! And sandals!! and short sleeves!!! So I have got to find my winter clothes. Knowing weather in MS, though, I will get to wear my shorts again in a couple of weeks!!
And, what exactly is "BB cream"?  Then they had something like AA plus BB equals CC. That's algebra, not makeup!! I don't have any but I may have to get some!!!
That's it for now.  I highly recommend watching The Chew on ABC. It is really the highlight of my day. It is just so funny and bawdy for a cooking show!!!! I love it! It comes on in a few minutes. Again, I highly recommend it. Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear is the host. HILarious!
See  y'all later!!!!


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