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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hey, gangofriends! The weather is perfect and I'm under it!  I have had a stomachache for two days. I have eaten soup and crackers and drinking tea. I HAVE to feel better tomorrow because our apartment inspection is Tuesday. Mine won't take too much to do, but I have asked if I could borrow Wm's mop, just to hit the high spots. Then the next day I get a pedicure!!!! My toes are so raggedy now, Mary Jo will probably fall out when she sees them!  I stubbed my big toe and it pulled the polish off and broke the nail as far as it will go!! perfecthowprettyareMYtoes!!
On Oct. 21 is our family reunion in Raymond. Phil, who took me to the high school reunion, is taking me to this reunion, and I didn't even have to beg!!! That way we can leave earlier if I need to. I am looking forward to it. Phil is such a good friend.
I am still having roach problems. There's been one living in my computer (the actual computer bug!) but today will be his last day in my computer. I smashed his little roachy butt good today!!!!! It is bad enough that my computer messes up so much, but a real bug may have been causing my problems to begin with!!! I can only hope.
Well, that's all for now. Take care. Oh, and hope that the 77 dollar package gets to Tanzania in one piece!!!!!!  Talk to y'all later!!!!!


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