Tricia Dishes

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Hey!  I lost my debit card yesterday!!!  Hopefully, I killed it before anyone gets a hold of it. It has GOT to be in my car, but I have searched high and low for it, for naught.
The reunion was good. I felt I looked really nice, but the facial thing ruined that. Phil and I went and ate and visited with a few people and then had to come home. He really fit in very well, even making a joke to the room!  I am glad he is in my corner.
It is supposed to get cold this weekend. I enjoy my shorts!!! And sandals!! and short sleeves!!! So I have got to find my winter clothes. Knowing weather in MS, though, I will get to wear my shorts again in a couple of weeks!!
And, what exactly is "BB cream"?  Then they had something like AA plus BB equals CC. That's algebra, not makeup!! I don't have any but I may have to get some!!!
That's it for now.  I highly recommend watching The Chew on ABC. It is really the highlight of my day. It is just so funny and bawdy for a cooking show!!!! I love it! It comes on in a few minutes. Again, I highly recommend it. Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear is the host. HILarious!
See  y'all later!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2012

I want to thank my REAL friends for understanding about my situation. Losing David was the hardest thing in the world and then my health took a nosedive. I have since read that after caregiving, the caregiver gets sick. I am better, but I do have my bad days. I thank you for understanding that I did not CHOOSE to be in pain and not be able to talk very well.  I pray it will get better in the months to come. I just do the best that I can do.
We had inspection and I passed with flying colors. I am going to put a shelf up in my bathroom and a floor length mirror on my bathroom door.  I will just have to leave them if I ever leave here. And there is no indication that that is going to happen anytime soon!
The family reunion is this weekend. The weather is going to be perfect and I hope that I will be able to stay a good while. But if I can't, Phil will bring me home.
Erica is coming home in a couple of weeks to go to Mistletoe Market. I can't wait!! It's been since January that I have seen her. Of course, I haven't seen Christopher since Christmas night and I have a couple of more years before I see him.  But he and Katie DID get the package!!  But they had to pay a tax on it because it weighed so much!!!!  Who knew?  Now I will know.
Okay, I am about to go eat a boiled egg. Funnzies!!!!
Talk to you later!  t

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hey, gangofriends! The weather is perfect and I'm under it!  I have had a stomachache for two days. I have eaten soup and crackers and drinking tea. I HAVE to feel better tomorrow because our apartment inspection is Tuesday. Mine won't take too much to do, but I have asked if I could borrow Wm's mop, just to hit the high spots. Then the next day I get a pedicure!!!! My toes are so raggedy now, Mary Jo will probably fall out when she sees them!  I stubbed my big toe and it pulled the polish off and broke the nail as far as it will go!! perfecthowprettyareMYtoes!!
On Oct. 21 is our family reunion in Raymond. Phil, who took me to the high school reunion, is taking me to this reunion, and I didn't even have to beg!!! That way we can leave earlier if I need to. I am looking forward to it. Phil is such a good friend.
I am still having roach problems. There's been one living in my computer (the actual computer bug!) but today will be his last day in my computer. I smashed his little roachy butt good today!!!!! It is bad enough that my computer messes up so much, but a real bug may have been causing my problems to begin with!!! I can only hope.
Well, that's all for now. Take care. Oh, and hope that the 77 dollar package gets to Tanzania in one piece!!!!!!  Talk to y'all later!!!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2012

I now think that the other blog posted and it is online. Sorry that you will have to read both of them, since they have mostly the same thing in them!!!! I am going to my couch now! Bye!
I just typed a good size post and it just disappeared!  So here is the condensed version of it:
I sent a package to Christopher and Katie and it cost me seventy seven dollars. That I was shocked doesn't even begin to describe me handing my card to the post office man and smiling like I drop seventy seven dollars a day on mail.
Erica's show opened last night. I am sure a grand time was had by all.
Today is the fall flea market downtown. I don't feel like fighting traffic and walking on crooked streets. At the spring flea market, I almost fell and only caught my self on a light pole. Don't feel like doing that again today.
So now I am going to cuddle up on the couch. I will probably wash clothes today. funfunfun
Talk to y'all later!!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

So, the presidential debates were on last night. What a good time to take my glasses off and lay in the bed listening to it!!!  And unlike the other night, I slept like a log!!!
I don't have a lot to say today. It is almost ten and I am still in my gown!
Oh, yesterday was Norma's birthday. We had a delicious meal at Ameristar but it got to where I couldn't hold my head up so I left early. She got a phone call from C and K in Africa so that just made her day. I came home and slept through Dr. Phil. Easy to do.
Erica's show opens tomorrow, I think. Everyone go see zombie naked girls!!!!!
Okay, that's all for now. I may write later on today. If not, see you tomorrow!!!  Oh, and that lip gloss I got, I LOVE IT!  I highly recommend it.  Bye!!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Okay, so it is midnight and I can't sleep. I sure hope I am not going to have another bout of insomnia.
I went out to eat Mexican with Jackie, a woman in the apartments, and we went to Walgreens afterwards. I bought the prettiest pink lip balm I have ever seen, or felt! It's that Baby lips by Maybelline.. Somebody might like it so I am highly recommending it.
Well, sitting here I am sleepy!! Maybe, just maybe, I may fall asleep soon. One can only hope.
So, with that being said, I am signing off now.  I'll write more tomorrow. Night!

Monday, October 01, 2012

This is my second post in the last few minutes. It just disappeared! I'm still learning the new blogging site again. Amazing Race - the fallopian tubes of frogs. YUCK!!!! I was eating chicken salad. Not very appetizing. Well, it has turned cool and rainy. Yay, no more one hundred degrees for a while!! I was shocked when I went out in capris and sandals today, but I carried on and got my e errands done. Gotta dig out the long jeans now!!!! I am about to go scramble some eggs, so I will talk to y'all later! Night!!!