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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Okay, here I am, two days straight blogging!! It is a little before nine a.m., it is raining and dark, and I've had my coffee and peanut butter sandwich and am just listening to the radio. Ah, heaven..... Go to Erica's blogpost. She has some new headshots which are simply beautiful. She has on red lipstick which is so lovely. I bought me some red lipstick and on me, it looks like RED LIPSTICK!!!!! And go to Katie's blog and see what they are growing in their garden. I laughed out loud! The fair starts this week, unbelievably. I haven't been in years. I guess I am just getting too old!! Plus, my mechanic said not to take my car out of town. I am getting a new car, just one part at a time!! Well, I am going to drink some tea and lay on the couch. Have a wonderful Sunday, everybody!!!


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