Tricia Dishes

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I found my pictures of a million cats. I just can't get them to my post. It has changed and I don't know what to do!!! I need my cat pictures, don't you agree?
Okay, here I am, two days straight blogging!! It is a little before nine a.m., it is raining and dark, and I've had my coffee and peanut butter sandwich and am just listening to the radio. Ah, heaven..... Go to Erica's blogpost. She has some new headshots which are simply beautiful. She has on red lipstick which is so lovely. I bought me some red lipstick and on me, it looks like RED LIPSTICK!!!!! And go to Katie's blog and see what they are growing in their garden. I laughed out loud! The fair starts this week, unbelievably. I haven't been in years. I guess I am just getting too old!! Plus, my mechanic said not to take my car out of town. I am getting a new car, just one part at a time!! Well, I am going to drink some tea and lay on the couch. Have a wonderful Sunday, everybody!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wow, two posts in one day!!! I just really want to say thank you to anyone reading this and care how I am doing. I would put a cat picture up here, but I don't know where my pictures are!!!!! Okay, I will go now and try to find some pictures to post. Talk to ya later!
Well, here I am again. My dear friend Jean SHAMED me into continuing my blog. So, here goes: I have been living in a one bedroom apartment that I really love. I don't miss the house unless I have no where to put something! My closets are bulging with stuff and I haven't bought anything lately but a skillet and some cute shoes, that I had to take back! They were so cute, but apparently they are not for me! Healthwise, I still have a lot of trouble talking and eating because my mouth and cheeks hurt, but I am going to a couple of doctors that are trying to help me. I have Callie with me. Boy, is it easier to take care of one pet instead of 28!! I do wonder how they are though. They were getting some age on them so I"m sure they are not all alive. And I sure miss having a dog, but I could only have one pet here and that is Callie. She is spoiled rotten and I love her dearly. So, this is my blog post today. I WILL keep up with it, I promise! Take care and have a good weekend!