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Thursday, March 24, 2011

March 23

March 23, yesterday, would have been David's 57th birthday. That's four now that he's missed. His mom and sister and I went to eat lunch. Well, apparently I was affected more than I thought because my head wouldn't quit bobbing and I was wringing wet. I came home and stayed on the couch all afternoon, waiting for FedEx, which never came.
I really cannot believe David has been gone over three years. I really miss him. Erica had some very nice posts on her blog yesterday. Travel on over there and read them. They made me cry!
I hope today is better. My neck is hurting but I am going to lie down for a little bit more and drink my Slimfast. I have lost about 35 pounds, pounds that were way not needed! Now if I could just lose 35 more!!! I need to exercise and that would jumpstart more weight loss. I just want to be healthy.
I just wanted to honor David. He surely is missed around here!
Have a great day, y'all! P. S. Those two cats cuddling are David and I!!!!!!


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