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Friday, March 04, 2011


Hey, Gang! Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been on Facebook this week and forgot about my blog. Mybad.
I went to the Lebanese dinner on Monday and man, was it good. But I had a weird thing happen when I ate some baklava, my mouth swelled up and I looked like a clown! And it itched and burned, too! There is only a little bit of redness left. I have bought just about every lip moisturizer I can find and I buying more today! That was weird. I gave it,the baklava, to my neighbor, so I hope it got eaten.
We have apartment inspections on Tuesday. I need to clean off my bed and table and dust and I'm done. They want to make sure that everyone is keeping their apartments clean and livable which isn't a bad thing. I have figured out it will take me about an hour to clean, so I am waiting until Monday. I don't even sleep on my bed anymore, Callie does, but I don't. I have used it as a depository for winter clothes! They just need to go back in the bins and shoved under the bed.
I drove by my mother's house a couple of days ago. Boy, are they doing it up good. It is beautiful. I sure wish my house would sell. I don't think anybody is going to buy it! I hate paying that mortgage every month on top of other bills.
Well, I think I am going to Walgreens and then see if Lee H. can give me my summer cut. My hair just sticks out all over!! I don't like seeing or feeling it!
I hope everyone has a great weekend. There are lots of things happening in Vicksburg this weekend but there is a 100 percent chance of thunderstorms tomorrow! Of course!
I hope it is sunny where y'all are!


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