Tricia Dishes

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well, apparently I have no insurance at the moment. I got a prescription filled today and there was no where on it that said my insurance paid any on it. Luckily, it was cheap so it didn't break the bank. But still. I went to the neurologist yesterday and she told me that EVERYTHING she could prescribe for my condition would cost at least four hundred dollars a month!!! I just can't do that. She didn't even charge me for the visit!!! THAT was a surprise, to say the least! She is going to try to get me on patient assistance so I can get the expensive meds. I don't know if she'll call me or I call them, her nurse came back with my prescription (the one I did get today) and didn't know anything about it because she was a substitute. Great. And now I have to buy a pill splitter because these new ones have to be cut in two. Luckily I have a few of the others for the next few days until I can get the splitter.
I heard from my former neighbor this afternoon. She has been sick as a dog. So has my now neighbor! I am fortunate not to have caught anything. The shaking head and spasms should be enough wrong with me anyway!!! Right? Right.
The weather has been beautiful today. I got out some and enjoyed myself. Hopefully, tomorrow I will get with my friend and eat lunch or something. She is under the weather, herself. We are supposed to be having storms on Thursday, so I want to enjoy the good weather while I can. I can sit on the couch any day!
That's all for now. Everyone get well and STAY well!!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011


I bought out Victoria's Secret yesterday! They NEVER send me anything free anymore. I got some unmentionables and the most comfortable gown I have ever had! Does anyone get free coupons anymore? The weather was perfect, just like spring. We had a great time and I learned a lot about bunches of things. And I drove the whole time!
The weather is supposed to be nice for seven days. I am ready for this to be it for the rest of the time until summer. And it would be nice if summer were like this, too!! Y'all know how much I love the heat of summer. NOT!!!!!!!
I am about to eat some ice cream. I just got back from Cracker Barrel where I had two pancakes and an egg, so I really should wait a while. I still taste the syrup!!!!!!
Love y'all!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Westminster Dog Show

MY FAVORITE DOG WON!!!!!! Hickory, a five year old female Scottish Deerhound, won tonight. She reminds me of Woofer. She is retiring to have pups after this show. What a way to go out!!!!!!!
Take care, everyone.
P.S. I REALLY miss my dogs.

Saturday, February 12, 2011


OKay, today Christopher walked me through how to get on facebook. It looks like I will be joining some conversations soon, when I get it figured out. Lots of people I haven't talked to in a LONG time!!!
I got a gift of some pepper spray today. I hope I don' t ever have to use it! I don't want to be attacked, obviously, but I am ready now!!!
My head keeps bobbing up and down and the medicine they say, is about five hundred dollars a month. I hope they can find something cheaper!!!! I want to stop bobbing!! It is quite annoying, to say the least.
I had some more double chocolate coca cola cake with vanilla bean ice cream today. It was so good. And I had about three glasses of unsweetened iced tea. I just can't eat that much anymore so I am happy to say that I have lost about 35 pounds. Now, just 25 more to go and I will be happy.
I just wanted to touch base with everyone. Have a great Sunday, y'all!! Love ya!

Thursday, February 03, 2011

My gifts!

I got a lovely bouquet of flowers from Erica and Fuzzy and a Glee cd from Christopher and Katie! GREAT!!!! AND, tomorrow I am eating lunch with Kathie S. and probably Carolyn and then I am going to Belk and get me a couple of presents from me to me!!!!
Just wanted to let y'all know!!!!!!

Fuzzy's Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful son in law, Fuzzy! I know that the weather is quite "unbirthday" like, but try to have a good time anyway! Also, today is Susan Desio's birthday, and mine is tomorrow!!! It is twenty something degrees outside today so I hope it is a little warmer tomorrow. I have nothing planned. I DID, but things came up so I will take myself to Cracker Barrel or something and celebrate myself.
The Super Bowl is Sunday, but what I am looking forward to is afterward, GLEE!!!! They are going to do Thriller on the football field. From what I have seen of it, it looks great. I love that show. It always puts a smile on my face!
So, what's up with Egypt?
I need to go shower and get dressed. It is after two!!!!! I think I am going to venture out in the twenties and just drive around. They keep saying that we are going to get wintry precipitation, but so far, NOTHIN!!!! I bought a parka last year (with my gorilla length arms, the sleeves are too short!)and the heat works in my car, so why not go somewhere?? Right?
Stay warm dear friends! I love you!!!!
Oh, belated birthdays to Pam and Cecil. I hope your days were great!!!