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Friday, May 21, 2010

Howdy everybody!

I got my "summer cut" this morning and I feel so liberated! No hair to worry with, essentially. I could do what Christopher does and just shave my head, but I think that would be a last resort. I LOVE and ADORE my new apartment. It is so pretty with all of the pictures on the walls and new stove and fridge. I love the color of everything, and it just makes me serene. I have a nice neighbor, who has already helped me out by carrying my bad microwave back to Walmart and then helping me with the new one. We have a mandatory apartment meeting next week so I will get to meet everyone. They need to go over some of the rules in person, which will be good. I am glad that it is not next Friday because my nephew, Scott, graduates and unless it is raining, I plan to be there! I need to start my chocolate business. Y'all don't know how tempting it is knowing that there are truffle brownies in a box in the closet! I want to cook 'em, NOW!! If anyone wants a chocolate tasting party, I'm the one who can hook you up!!Okay, that's all for now. I am using my new computer, which I love. It is a laptop and I make lots of mistakes because the keyboard is a little different than my other one. I have never hit the backspace this many times!! Later, everybody/1


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