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Friday, April 02, 2010


Hello, all. I can't even believe that I am posting two days straight! Thanks, Wondergirl, for your kind words.
Today I took my mother in law, Norma, to eat at Diamond Jack's casino. They have the best bread pudding there that I always eat with my meal. Well, to my horror, the pan was down to the scrapings, just a couple of blobs of bread pudding. We got Norma's food and we went and got her situated. Then it was my turn. I went straight to the bread pudding and there were the two pathetic little spoonfuls of bread pudding ON TOP OF A FULL PAN THAT HAD NOT BEEN TOUCHED YET! You can believe that I dipped into that nectar. And when I got through eating, I went and got myself some more! Oh, and the glasses at DJ's are very small so I can suck down a glass of tea in just a few sips. The waitress must have recognized me and after she refilled my glass twice, she just left the pitcher on the table! YAY! I drank lots of iced tea, lots and lots of it and it was good. I am going out to Norma's tomorrow because my brother in law and his three kids will be in town. We are having chicken, no bread pudding, but we will have iced tea. Ought to be an interesting day.
I have signed up to sell chocolate at home parties. That sounds weird but I am really excited about it. The profits are better than when I sold lingerie. I mean, you can only have so much lingerie, but chocolate, well, you can NEVER have enough chocolate. Hopefully, this will give me an income to kill off some of these bills that keep piling up. I still haven't heard about the apartment yet. If I get it, I guess I will move in the end of April, first of May. If I don't get it, and the chocolate money is good, maybe I can get a smaller house and keep my cats! I want to keep my cats!!! Our old house is for sale. I would live there again in a heartbeat. But I would have to sell this one first and it is just not "show" ready.
Well, I am about to hit the hay. I mean, it's almost 8:30!!!!!! I slept until 10 this morning, just dead to the world. I think it is all of this medicine I am taking. Hopefully it is working to help me.
Take care and have a wonderful Easter, if I don't blog tomorrow! Should be beautiful weather for all of those egg hunts! That is one thing I miss, the egg hunts. I really liked doing that.
Night, all!


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