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Friday, April 16, 2010

I've got a weakness for calico cats. So for that reason, I am taking Callie to the apartment, IF I get it, to be my one cat I can have. I was taking Allie, but Callie (such original names!)jumped out of the cage when Erica was taking them to the vet who took them to the farm. Callie is just so sweet and scared, and she loves to cuddle with me. Allie is the sweetest cat you could ever meet, but she isn't too much of a cuddler. She likes to supervise my pill taking every night. She is right there before I am! I am hoping Erica will take Allie to be her cat for the next three and a half years, then I hope I will be back on my feet (I'll be 60 so I will get some benefits)and can take her back. I plan to buy a small house or a townhouse, and get to have TWO cats instead of just one. At least that's the plan I have formulated in my mind.
There's a lot of things hinging on this apartment. One is the fact that I have life insurance, another is the IRA which I can't touch until I am 59 and a half. We will just have to see.
Well, that's all for now. Riverfest starts tonight but I have never been to the music part so I am certainly not going to start now! I may go to the flea market tomorrow. Again, we will just have to see!
I want to go eat at Cracker Barrel today but nobody can go. I may go by myself! I should be packing stuff but until I know for sure about this apartment, it ain't happenin'.


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