Tricia Dishes

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Back!!

I just returned from San Antonio for the wedding of Jason Mucha and Sandy Casillas. It was a beautiful wedding and I will post some pictures later on when I get them. They make a darling couple and it was so nice to see so much love illuminating their faces! And then Jean and I got to have breakfast with Sandy on the day we left, so I got to know her a little better!
So, that's all for now. I will write when I am not so tired! That's a long dang drive from the Lone Star state. (oh, I saw the Alamo, too!)

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Howdy, Folks!

I had already gone to bed but just needed to come in here and blog a little. It isn't as cold tonight, so that's good. I had to turn my central heat on for a couple of hours yesterday, it was so cold in here. In fact, it was colder in here than outside! I shoulda dragged the tv out in the front yard and saved on my heating bill!!!!
One bad thing I found out was my health insurance is going up to 540 bucks a month. So, I think I am going to cancel it. I just will pay the doctor bill instead of 1080 a month! Dr. Ellendula isn't even on my insurance and she is the only doctor I have been seeing lately. My eating is still difficult, unless it is soft like potatoes or soft casserole, so I am always hungry! I have been eating a lot of Campbell's soup in the microwavable cans. They are pretty filling, plus I have been drinking a lot of ginger ale and juice. I still haven't lost any weight, though. Tomorrow I hope to go eat lunch with Christy. A soft enchilada at El Sombrero's. MMMMMMMMM
The weather has been gorgeous for the last few days. It is a little chilly for just a little while and then it warms up. We sure will be missing these days when it gets bonafide cold, but I have two of my mother's coats, plus my own, so I think I will be okay. I am going to be in colder climates in December so they will come in handy.
The cats are okay. I can't tell you how sweet Teddie looked all today. She is chewing on her arm, though, so it is kind of ooky, but she has been laying on a pot holder, on her side, sound asleep. I found her one time looking out the back door. We will never find out what happened to that kitten, I guess. And I wonder if Scruffy is still alive. I haven't seen him in months and I don't know if he is being fed. I had a collar on him, so I hope he hasn't gotten too fat for the collar if he IS still being fed.
Well, a job hunt is about to begin. I need something with benefits, obviously, so I am going to try the hospital, the paper, and the casinos, with a start date in January. My special friend is coming into town in December and hopefully he will want to see me. He has been very sick lately, so I haven't "felt the love" that I did before. Of course, that is probably just me, reading something that isn't there. But I am going to start putting applications in, the end of this month at the hospital and the paper. I have GOT to have some benefits and some money coming in monthly, at least. Damn this economy!!!!! It keeps me awake some nights, just worrying about how I am going to live!
OKay, I am going back to bed now. It's been good talking to everyone tonight. Erica, I hope Apes had a grand finale! And Christopher, I will be seeing you next week!! Good times, good times........