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Monday, October 12, 2009

Things that are happenin'

Hey, folks, long time no write, right? I just have not been able to share my feelings lately, so I just haven't bothered to write on my blog.
But things are happening. I just got back three weeks ago from a trip to Oregon and California. Oregon and California, you say? I went to visit a friend, who has become more than a friend, and had a wonderful time. We visited Crater Lake and the giant redwoods in northern California. There was an interesting story about a waitress in the Avenue of the Giants. Some day I will tell about it!!! Just not today! I am still having trouble with my jaw, though, so that put a damper on some of the festivities. I could only eat soft things. If I don't talk all day, it doesn't hurt! So, I applied for disability through one of those lawyers on tv because I was turned down when I did it myself. I want to find a part time or even a full time job, one where I won't have to really interact with people because of this malady, just do my job, get health insurance, and get paid. If the disability comes through, they said it would be at least a year! I gotta do something before a year is up, that's for sure.
This coming weekend is the Smith/Reid family reunion. As usual, there will be new faces there and old faces gone, due to the changing families. All that food is going to be tempting to me, but I will have to stick to soft stuff. Shoot, I may even only be able to eat dessert! Usually they are soft, but hopefully there will be soft veggies. I am going to take some mashed potatoes or potato salad that I can eat. It ought to be fun, if this friggin' rain would stop!!!!!!!
Well, that is all for now. I am alive, reasonably well, and happy that I may have found someone new to be in my life. But let me tell you, flying from Jackson to Medford, Oregon is literally for the birds! Layovers, early flight (5 am)times, lugging luggage (Hey, I guess that is why is it is called "luggage"! Cool!)
Anyway, I hope to get regular with my blog again, but if it is still a few weeks between posts, then I don't have anything to say!!!
Take care, everybody!


  • At Sunday, October 18, 2009, Anonymous Gwen said…

    Hi there. I'm SOOOO glad you found someome to share with. And glad you got to go on the trip. Even from my childhood memories, isn't Calif. and Ore just beautiful?? It was great to talk to you.

  • At Monday, October 19, 2009, Blogger Pam said…

    It was soooo good seeing you yesterday and getting to visit..You look great!! I'm just so excited for you and the many changes happening in your life right now. Hearing you say you're happy and seeing you blogging again-I really couldn't be happier for you! PS..Next year for the reunion, save yourself some trouble and hit the Deli!! haha

  • At Thursday, October 22, 2009, Anonymous Rine-Stone said…

    So glad to see you're alive and kicking, T-bird! I hope you had a fabulous trip out west!

  • At Thursday, October 29, 2009, Anonymous celiariven said…

    Hey Tricia,
    Those pics are beautiful. Scott took the princess to Forks, Wash. in August (I couldn't go cuz of book and mama obligations) and they had a great time. Makes me wanna go to the Pacific NW for sure! So glad about your new friend! And seriously hoping that TV lawyer can git er done.
    Love you,


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