Tricia Dishes

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Yard sales are for the birds!

So, Jean has been here for the last ten days and we decided to have a yard sale. Something to get stuff out of the house and to make some money. We worked very hard on this yard sale. Marking the prices, dragging things out and deciding whether or not it would sell. Linda and Christy were going to help and put a few things in it, too, so they got over here at seven Saturday morning. Jean and I had gone through a ton of stuff and we were pretty confidant that we would make some money. WHAT A JOKE!! We did have people come, but very few. A couple of people we knew and were glad to see but no one bought anything!!! I think that the total intake was around 60bucks!!!! So Jean loaded up her car and took everything to River City Rescue. Someone there will find uses for everything. She also took a few things to give to a men's group at her church. So much for making enough money to help pay for my trip to San Antonio for Jason's (Jean's son) wedding!!!!
Before she left today though, we went through some more things and I got a little more organized. The dining room table is completely clean, things are in folders, and the shredder is in the living room so when I bring in the mail, I can shred if I need to. That will end the clutter that is always on the table.
Well, I am exhausted so I am going to bed to read the paper and go to sleep.
Sweet dreams to all!!!