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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Things here and there

photo courtesy of Jamie Berg
Hey, all! What a whirlwind week I have had. Last week my friend from Oregon came in and we had a great time, ate at Borello's twice and a new sandwich shop here. I am having so much trouble eating though, so the crab cakes at B's were easy to eat and delicious! Tomorrow, Cheryl and I are going to go eat chicken salad at Billy's and just mess around the outlet mall.
I went to counseling today and my mouth is just all twisted up. But she said I looked "brighter", either from my fun or from the city pool. I have been trying to get to the pool twice a week and it is a lot of fun to just bounce up and down doing water aerobics. I can seriously feel where I have been working out! Now, on to losing twenty pounds!!!
Erica is in an ad for a bike bag and it is a lovely picture. Christopher is getting used to his new job and doing well and enjoying it. Me, I'm just here!! With the cats. I don't know what to do with all of these cats. Two days straight I have had to climb a ladder and get two cats from the rafters!! Wussy kitty cats!!! Afraid to jump!!! I got Teddie shaved the other day and she has been in an empty kitty litter bag ever since. She does come out to "take care of some business" every few hours. CATS!!!WHAT TO DO WHAT TO DO!!!
Well, the news should be coming on soon and I enjoy watching it. So You Think You Can DAnce comes on tonight. I don't want anyone to be "voted" off, they are all so good. Makes me want to jump right up and do a jig!!!!!!
Later, friends!!!


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