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Thursday, July 23, 2009


This post is to notify those that are interested that I have a new email address. It is I was getting nothing but spam from my aol one and can't seem to get into the other email address I had. So, there it is.
Me? I am a slug today, not sleeping well last night, and just basically blah. I need something to interest me but so far, reading, watching tv, nothing compares with just sitting and listening to music! It makes the day go by faster, and I enjoy it. Tomorrow I have to do some stuff, get my swimming session in. I have been going three times a week to the city pool, and while I haven't dragged out the scale to see if I have lost some weight, I feel like I have lost a little. I can't eat, my mouth hurts too bad, so come on, some weight BETTER be dropping off of me!!!!! I am on a new medicine that so far, hasn't been anything to write home about. I go back to that doc in a couple of weeks.
Well, that's all I have to say today. So You Think You Can Dance has been extremely good and emotional this season. Last night there was a dance about a breast cancer patient and everyone was crying, including me, and it stayed on my mind for hours. Hence the not sleeping. I hate cancer. I feel so cheated and so mad that it took David. But it is not in our hands, is it? We have to just deal with the loss. And listening to the radio helps me tremendously. David loved music so much, it makes me feel closer to him, listening to songs that he liked.
OKay, I didn't mean to yammer on so much!!!! Take care of yourself, everyone!!


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