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Friday, June 19, 2009


I went swimming today. There were a ton of little boys at either end of the pool, so I had to stay in the middle, which was okay, because I was doing jumping jacks and bounces. I get home in this freakishly hot weather, and see in the paper that this whole week has been Boy Scout camp! Today was the last day. Yay! But I am so tired and still feel the "Bullfrog" spray all over me.
I had to go to Linda's again today to feed her animals and poor Foxy is so hot. I am glad they will be home tomorrow. Her birds may have learned a new word or two, one that the church group probably wouldn't care for, but I stubbed my toe on something nailed to the floor in the bird room so many times, I finally had to just let it out!!
It literally is 100 degrees here, which is just unbelievable since it is just the middle of June. We usually get our hundreds in July and August. Maybe it will just switch around and we will have a cooler July and August instead.
Well, that is all for now. I just really have nothing to say. Erica, I hope your headache goes away. Christy, I hope your poison ivy goes away.
OH, I HAVE to go see YEAR ONE next week, maybe even this weekend. I just love Michael Cera and he and Jack Black are the stars. Michael Cera just cracks me up looking at him, he is just so darned funny, in a very understated way. And there is air conditioning in the theater so it will keep me out of the heat. I am not even going to begin to try to go swimming during the weekend. Tons o' kids would be quite distracting.
Have a great weekend!!!!


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