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Thursday, May 14, 2009

WhAt a week!!!

Okay, I am NOT the best traveler the world has ever seen. I am content to stay in my little world, trying not to worry about a thing. BUT, last week I flew to Charlotte, NC and spent the night with Carolyn and had a wonderful time, then Christopher picked me up and I spent five nights with him because he was graduating. With a MASTER'S!!!!! I am so very proud of him. He already has a job lined up starting next Monday and I feel very grateful about that! The job market is a killer and over half of those graduates are going to have trouble finding a job.
Sunday night, at a very late hour, Erica and Fuzzy blew in. They had been in Biloxi where Erica officiated at the wedding of Chad and Elizabeth. I only got to visit with them for a little while, but little is better than nothing! When they took me back to the airport, I got teary eyed, partly because I hated leaving them and partly because I was nervous. Even the security person noticed and reassured me all would be well. And it was. So, I am back home, with a ton of laundry that I haven't done and yard work, and cats and dogs and groceries. All that stuff that I just am tired of doing. I need a smaller house and less pets but neither of those will happen anytime soon.
I have just noticed that it is hard to type with long fingernails. Mine are growing like crazy, because I am taking calcium, but they get in the way!! How do those women type with those long curled under nails? THEY CAN'T!
I have because addicted to McDonald's double filet o'fish and a diet coke. I figured out I have had one every day since I got back. It's kind of healthy, isn't it?
Well, that's all for now. Hopefully I will be posting more often now.
Take care.


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