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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Well, I am going to talk about me for a moment. I am going to start going to the swimming pool with my friend Christie and am going to get into a healthier mindset. Hopefully, swimming laps with my kick board will help me shape up and feel better, and have lots more energy than I am having right now. I am still having so much trouble with my mouth. I have sores that make me want to just scream when I accidentally bite them, which is all the time, plus my jaw still wants to do it's "tardive dysconesia" dance all the time. I am going to another doctor at the end of the month and he is going to decide whether I should get disability or not. I hope so, because there is no money coming in right now. Linda and I have to sell mom's house in ten months or we will start having to pay for mom to stay in the nursing home and neither one of us has that kind of money. So, if you know if anyone wants to move to Vicksburg, let me know!!!!
Have y'all been watching Jon and Kate Plus Eight? She is so mean to him, but if he cheated on her, well, there's no excuse for that. I spent the whole weekend watching the marathon on TLC. That is the most television I have watched in a while.
Oh, and about the house, I ordered a St. Joseph statue to bury in the yard to sell the house. He is the patron saint of real estate (?) so I am gonna give it the old college try. I mean, I got ride of the yp's by putting mirrors all over the side of my house! And VOILA! They were gone within the year. Yay, feng shui!
Well, my hot pocket is beeping to let me know it is ready. Time to try to eat again. It gets so frustrating to not be able to eat like a normal human being anymore. Hopefully, it will eventually get well. I need to find the saint for that and bury him in the yard!!!!
Talk to you later!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

baldman being hooded

baldman being hooded
Originally uploaded by Waldie's World


Originally uploaded by Waldie's World
THIS is why I went to South Carolina last week. I am so very proud of Christopher. He worked his tail off, doing internship, classwork, and a part time job. He is one of the lucky ones. He starts his new job this month, in fact, I think tomorrow, the eighteenth.
Speaking of dates, today would have been my 34th wedding anniversary. I will be honest with you, I didn't get up until 3:30 because I just couldn't. I went and got another filet of fish sandwich for supper, so at least I got out some. David would be busting a gut with pride seeing his son get his advanced degree!!!!!

baldman and jordan before graduation

Christopher and his friend, Jordan, at their graduation ceremony. They both got Masters in Social Work. Jordan will be moving away in a couple of weeks which is sad, because he and C have become good friends.

baldman and waldie before graduation

Christopher and Katie on graduation day. Don't they look wonderful?

baldman and his mom before graduation

Here is a picture of proud me and my son the day of his graduation.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

WhAt a week!!!

Okay, I am NOT the best traveler the world has ever seen. I am content to stay in my little world, trying not to worry about a thing. BUT, last week I flew to Charlotte, NC and spent the night with Carolyn and had a wonderful time, then Christopher picked me up and I spent five nights with him because he was graduating. With a MASTER'S!!!!! I am so very proud of him. He already has a job lined up starting next Monday and I feel very grateful about that! The job market is a killer and over half of those graduates are going to have trouble finding a job.
Sunday night, at a very late hour, Erica and Fuzzy blew in. They had been in Biloxi where Erica officiated at the wedding of Chad and Elizabeth. I only got to visit with them for a little while, but little is better than nothing! When they took me back to the airport, I got teary eyed, partly because I hated leaving them and partly because I was nervous. Even the security person noticed and reassured me all would be well. And it was. So, I am back home, with a ton of laundry that I haven't done and yard work, and cats and dogs and groceries. All that stuff that I just am tired of doing. I need a smaller house and less pets but neither of those will happen anytime soon.
I have just noticed that it is hard to type with long fingernails. Mine are growing like crazy, because I am taking calcium, but they get in the way!! How do those women type with those long curled under nails? THEY CAN'T!
I have because addicted to McDonald's double filet o'fish and a diet coke. I figured out I have had one every day since I got back. It's kind of healthy, isn't it?
Well, that's all for now. Hopefully I will be posting more often now.
Take care.