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Tuesday, April 07, 2009


I have new windows, and no, it hasn't got a thing to do with my computer! We have had these horrible, moldy windows in our dining area and just never could afford to get them fixed, but we planned to because they were painted shut and had mold on them. I just kept them covered with some wooden blinds and used some caulking tape on it to cover the mold. Well, I bit the bullet today and while I STILL can't afford it, I got the windows redone. They look great! I can open them now to feel some fresh air, they are easy to clean, and most of all, they tore off the sills where the mold was and replaced it and then repainted the whole thing!! I am just thrilled over them. Now I can not feel embarrassed about them and can open up the blinds without being "blinded" by nasty woodwork. AND, a bush was growing into it because there was a three inch opening at the top of one of the windows! Now my house will be easier to heat and cool without that just wasting energy.
I am also cooking supper, so, something is beeping. Later!!!!


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