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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Fresh air

I have my new windows open and the fans going, nice fresh air is blowing into the house. Of course, I am freezing because it isn't real sunny out today and the house has a bit of a chill. Buffy is going crazy trying to get into the windows so I have to make sure that they are not up too high or she will jump out. That would be all I would need. Buffy run over or running away. She is a cat I want to keep. David called her "Bufferin" and "Buffanella" all the time. Or, because she is so talkative, he called her "whiny baby needy cat" a lot! Which she is.
I need to go to the store but today has been a really off day. I didn't even go see Mom today, although she is probably still asleep. I think she has rubbed off on me, because all I want to do is sleep today. Must be that fresh air! Tomorrow will be better to do what I need to do. One thing I desperately need is cat litter. I wish I could get these cats to quit going to the bathroom. And of course, the one that pees on the counter/stove, well, I want to put her out. I tried today but she freaked out and ran back in. I can't blame her. She is twelve years old and has never been an outside cat. Problems, problems, problems. I would feel horrible if she got run over. She'll be one of those cats that live to be twenty, just you watch!!!
The feeling is coming back to my thumb. It's about time! It still feels really weird, but it feels a tiny bit less weird. I hope it completely goes away soon. Not my thumb, the weirdness!!!
WELL, that's all for now. I am not even going to put a picture on here today. I will make up for it later!
Ta ta for now!


  • At Monday, April 13, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hey, Hot Mama. I hope the Easter bunny brought you sunshine and a thumb that's feeling better. Awkward things to pull out of an Easter basket, I guess.


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