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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This happened Sunday evening........

Okay, so I have been looking for a crocheted blanket for about six weeks. I knew it HAD to be somewhere near the couch, so I remembered, when I wasn't in bed, and looked and lo and beHOLD, there it was, scrushed up on the floor. So, I reached my arm down there and, y'all, my arm got stuck. I am talking stuck. I couldn't turn it, if I tried to push the couch away, it just got more jammed, I tried to get the phone, but I am not a monkey, so that didn't work, plus it was my swolled up foot anyway. I beat on the picture window screaming for help but no one even came strolling by on this gorgeous afternoon. I finally jerked it free so now I have numb fingers and half of my hand, and a beautiful bruise on my upper arm and a yellow bruise down my arm. My thumb and forefinger won't stop tingling yet they are kind of numb. I am determined to keep from going to the doctor about this. I mean, COME ON! How ridiculous is this? Dr. Wooten would laugh at me, like every one else has, and I guess, rightly so. So my face has wild spasms and now my left hand is tingling/numb. I'm a piece o'work, ain't I?
Oh, and it was shorts weather yesterday. Today I wore my fur parka. You just never know around here, that's why it's best to not put up winter clothes until June!!!
That's all for now. I am glad to see I can still type but it is only because I don't have to use my thumb too much. It is a'reallly tinglin'!!!! I would put a picture of the site of the accident but it would be too embarrassing!!!! I am SUCH a dumbass!
Take care and watch out for dangerous furniture.


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