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Tuesday, March 03, 2009


So, you know I have mentioned that I have a lot of cats? Well, one of them pees on inappropriate things, the worst being the stove top. I decided to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich using a new cast iron little skillet that I have had for years but had yet to use. I heat up the oil in it and voila, the heated smell of cat pee, wafting throughout my house! I turned the stove fan on, but to no avail. It still reeks of cat pee. I was kind of afraid to eat my sandwich, but it tasted all right. I mean, it wasn't in the skillet, just in the burners. So when it cools down, out comes the orange cleaner. But who's to say that this cat won't do it again tonight? Odds are I will be cleaning up pee tomorrow.
I just thought y'all'd like to know this. OH, and now Teddie, the handicapable kitten, just threw up. My life. It should be a movie.


  • At Saturday, March 07, 2009, Blogger the cleaning lady said…

    I think this post is too gross for people to respond to. It's kind of hard to find the proper words to express the thought. Move on.

  • At Wednesday, March 11, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You need to get FON (Feline Odor Neutralizer)
    It will stop them from peeing wherever you
    put it.

    What have you got to lose.


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