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Friday, March 27, 2009

My stimulous package

I am using electronic stimuli to try to get the feeling in my thumb. Hence, my "stimulus" package. So far, it has helped a little, but I got one for here to do four times a day. For thirty minutes. That's two hours! I can feel it when I touch it, but it is weird feeling and feels like it is asleep and waking up. You know, the tingly feeling you get when you hit your funny bone, yet this doesn't go away. I hope that one day it will just get well.
Well, it's a short post today. I just did the treatment and I find I am making mistakes. I mean, that's what you get when you electrify your thumb!!!! Bye!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


What a strange day it has been. I have done absolutely nothing, seriously. I was waiting for a phone call and they called right at five this afternoon. Five more minutes I would have been outside feeding the dogs.
Yesterday would have been David's 55th birthday. I miss him. Erica wrote a wonderful tribute on her blog and it made me cry and my eyes feel like molten lava was poured into them. I am tired of David being gone. Example:
The water heater was gushing water yesterday. I didn't know what to do, except call the plumber who couldn't come until today. My cats were doing the backstroke almost, the water was getting pretty high. I called Daniel and he suggested what to be done, but didn't know how to do it. I called Phil. Again, he didn't know what to do. So I called Roto-Rooter and the guy came out in about an hour and fixed it. There is still water standing in some places in the basement, but it would absolutely take up all of my towels to blot it up. So, evaporation can do its thing.
Erica sent gifts to put at the grave, so tomorrow, weather permitting, I am headed out there to give him his gifts. He would love them. I still love him so much, but there is no way to express it. So, here go the burning eyes again.
My thumb and forefinger are still numb but thank goodness I can still type. The phone call I was waiting on was for my dyskinisia, for disability. I am not counting on that. I will have to find a job I can do and soon.
OKay, I am not even going to put a picture up. Go to Erica's blog. She has the best pics of her and David.
I still need prayers, so throw up a little one for me to the Big Guy. Thanks.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Glass Bottom Boat Zoom

Glass Bottom Boat Zoom
Originally uploaded by Erica Reid
Here is a picture of my parents and my sweet little bandaided self in Florida in the fifties. It was a glass bottomed boat that we were on and I still have fond memories of it. The bandaid was the result of me falling face first out of a chair as we were checking into the motel and I had to have stitches. My daddy probably broke every traffic rule to get me to the hospital. I remember them wrapping me in a sheet, kind of like a straight jacket, then putting the stitches in. I also remember the doctor telling them that I needed a lollipop for lunch that day. Good times, good times.........

Tricia School Pics

Tricia School Pics
Originally uploaded by Erica Reid
Erica is scanning pics of our family into the computer. These are my twelve school pictures. Check out the glasses and the hair!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This happened Sunday evening........

Okay, so I have been looking for a crocheted blanket for about six weeks. I knew it HAD to be somewhere near the couch, so I remembered, when I wasn't in bed, and looked and lo and beHOLD, there it was, scrushed up on the floor. So, I reached my arm down there and, y'all, my arm got stuck. I am talking stuck. I couldn't turn it, if I tried to push the couch away, it just got more jammed, I tried to get the phone, but I am not a monkey, so that didn't work, plus it was my swolled up foot anyway. I beat on the picture window screaming for help but no one even came strolling by on this gorgeous afternoon. I finally jerked it free so now I have numb fingers and half of my hand, and a beautiful bruise on my upper arm and a yellow bruise down my arm. My thumb and forefinger won't stop tingling yet they are kind of numb. I am determined to keep from going to the doctor about this. I mean, COME ON! How ridiculous is this? Dr. Wooten would laugh at me, like every one else has, and I guess, rightly so. So my face has wild spasms and now my left hand is tingling/numb. I'm a piece o'work, ain't I?
Oh, and it was shorts weather yesterday. Today I wore my fur parka. You just never know around here, that's why it's best to not put up winter clothes until June!!!
That's all for now. I am glad to see I can still type but it is only because I don't have to use my thumb too much. It is a'reallly tinglin'!!!! I would put a picture of the site of the accident but it would be too embarrassing!!!! I am SUCH a dumbass!
Take care and watch out for dangerous furniture.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


So, you know I have mentioned that I have a lot of cats? Well, one of them pees on inappropriate things, the worst being the stove top. I decided to make myself a grilled cheese sandwich using a new cast iron little skillet that I have had for years but had yet to use. I heat up the oil in it and voila, the heated smell of cat pee, wafting throughout my house! I turned the stove fan on, but to no avail. It still reeks of cat pee. I was kind of afraid to eat my sandwich, but it tasted all right. I mean, it wasn't in the skillet, just in the burners. So when it cools down, out comes the orange cleaner. But who's to say that this cat won't do it again tonight? Odds are I will be cleaning up pee tomorrow.
I just thought y'all'd like to know this. OH, and now Teddie, the handicapable kitten, just threw up. My life. It should be a movie.

Sunday, March 01, 2009


I cannot tell y'all how relieved I am to have quit my job! I feel ten pounds lighter, without worrying about going to work. Yes, I will eventually need to go back to work but right now, I'm doing all right. I went to Kroger's today, spent a fortune and am having a real meal tonight! And yes, Christy, we WILL find something to do, and yes, Jean, I will dance wildly!!!!!
Well, that supper is ready and I am about to go partake and later, I think I am going to get hooked on The Amazing Race again. ANd did y'all know that Daylight Savings Time starts again next Sunday? I didn't until they announced it on the radio! Darker in the morning, but lighter in the evening. That's okay, but it takes me about a week to adjust to the time change. I am not the only one, either, since I have read about other people who have the problem. I will survive, now that I am free!
I hear my food making noises so I had better go get it so it won't burn. Later!!