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Friday, February 13, 2009

Purge, purge, purge

If anyone has been reading Erica's blog, you will notice that she mentions throwing away a lot of stuff from her past. WELL, so am I. Jean is still here and my bathroom is just adorable, yet there is so much Bath and Body Work crap, it is taking up all of my new space! So, I have thrown some of the older, probably at least ten years old, stuff away. She is helping me get organized, big time, and has decided to stay until Sunday. Her dog will get to play with my dogs tomorrow and I have to work and she has a few "touch ups" to do in the bathroom. Right now she is in my kitchen cabinet! She is merciless!!! I am so very thankful for everything she has done because I wouldn't have done anything, seriously, but sit in that chair, feeling miserable. I have to work tomorrow, but I am still up. I will go to bed soon. My hip has been hurting and I have been sitting on the floor going through things, and the "old gray mare just ain't what she used to be" when it comes to hips and legs and backs!!!!!!!
Work has been okay. I don't want to go but I think that is a normal response to work, isn't it? I have only been averaging two to three hours a day, three days a week. What am I complaining about? I couldn't ask for anything more, except more money!!!!
Mom, Jean, and I went to the nursing home Valentine's party today. It was packed! They gave crowns to the men, beaded tiaras to the women, with "Queen for the Day" banners to wear!! Then they drew names and mom won a prize! When they were singing, I looked down and she was singing along, which makes me feel extremely happy. It was a good day. We visited quite a while, but then she was really tired and wanted to go to bed before supper, so Jean and I put her to bed. Now I am ready to go to bed!!!!!
I gave her a cute cute cute teddie bear with pink hearts on it's feet and it was holding a pink heart. Then I gave her a little box of candy with a cat on the front. Gotta cover both animal groups!!!!! If I still had a bird, I would have had to find a bird with candy in it!!!!
Well, I really am tired and am going to go to bed now. Take care and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!! Love y'all!!!!
Oh, four of my "kittens" turned 12 today. Happy birthday, Stimpy, Bear, Chloe, and Campbell!!!!!


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