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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back to Work

Well, I went back to work today. It wasn't so crowded and I was the only hostess so it wasn't so bad. I helped roll silverware afterwards and then came home where my legs feel like two huge buluga whales after being on them all day long! I asked my supervisor if I could go back to three days a week because, honestly, I cannot do anything for a couple of days after four days, then I run run run my errands and then it is back to standing. Yes, I know if I lost weight it would help but that isn't going to happen over night, is it?! One of my favorite people at work is leaving in a couple of weeks, so that is making me sad. I have narrowed it down to one person who seems to enjoy getting me upset and then she is all peaches and cream to me afterwards when she sees me all upset. I am still thinking about what to do. Ideas? I know I should just ignore her but it is hard. I am emotionally raw.
So, it is a little after eight in the evening and I am going to bed because my legs hurt so badly! What a life I lead! Don't be jealous!!!!!!!
Night!! Oh, the picture - I just wanted to show off my bathroom again!


  • At Friday, February 27, 2009, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Have a reply ready in your head when someone says something that hurts... something like, "You must really be miserable inside to say something so hurtful. I'll pray for you." And then just walk away. Keep practicing whatever you are going to say so you're ready and it's generic so it can fit any slam they have. They really are miserable to say something like that. Don't let it touch you. So many people love you and THEIR opinion is what counts... NOT these other idiots!

    Got bless you!


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