Tricia Dishes

Friday, February 27, 2009

I did it!

I quit my job today. My health has really been suffering in the last couple of weeks and I really think it would get a lot worse with the increase in business, so, I quit and my supervisor TOTALLY understood. I worked today, even though she said I didn't have to, and after working today, I am glad I have chosen this path, for the moment. I have got to get well and that job wasn't helping. And it was only going to get worse and more crowded. Great for them, not so great for me.
So, please send up a prayer to the Big Guy. I am terribly lonely without David and would so like his input, so feel free to make me feel better!!!!!!
Now, I must go to bed. Nighty night!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back to Work

Well, I went back to work today. It wasn't so crowded and I was the only hostess so it wasn't so bad. I helped roll silverware afterwards and then came home where my legs feel like two huge buluga whales after being on them all day long! I asked my supervisor if I could go back to three days a week because, honestly, I cannot do anything for a couple of days after four days, then I run run run my errands and then it is back to standing. Yes, I know if I lost weight it would help but that isn't going to happen over night, is it?! One of my favorite people at work is leaving in a couple of weeks, so that is making me sad. I have narrowed it down to one person who seems to enjoy getting me upset and then she is all peaches and cream to me afterwards when she sees me all upset. I am still thinking about what to do. Ideas? I know I should just ignore her but it is hard. I am emotionally raw.
So, it is a little after eight in the evening and I am going to bed because my legs hurt so badly! What a life I lead! Don't be jealous!!!!!!!
Night!! Oh, the picture - I just wanted to show off my bathroom again!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Valentine party

Thanks to Kathie Stimac for the pictures.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Today and yesterday

Lately I have been having some emotional upheavals. My birthday came and went - thank goodness Jean was here so we had a fun day. We went to see mom that day. On Valentine's Day, Jean was still here so we went to see mom again and took her to the program, where she got a beaded tiara and a sash that said Queen for a Day. Work has been not so great, so when I saw her this week, to top everything off, out of the clear blue sky I was called "fat", this by a so-called friend. Work was TERRIBLE yesterday, I ended up crying and my supervisor sent me to roll silverware. I'm not so sure how long this job is going to last for me. I really don't want to quit. I mean, do I have a face or demeanor that says "hurt Tricia's feelings by saying anything you want to her"? ANYWAY, today I went to see mom. She was asleep (it was 2 o'clock) so after I cleared my throat enough, she finally woke up. She was almost her whole old self again. SHe laughed and told me to quit my job, btw, something I have to think hard and harder about, but she was laughing and talking and just was my ol' mama, back to normal. THAT makes me feel great! I stayed a couple of hours and she wanted me to spend the night, something that they don't allow. I told her to watch the Oscars tonight. I haven't seen any of the movies but it will be interesting to see the outfits and jewelry.
So, that was my day. It was a good day. Oh, I was so exhausted last night, I slept through Deal or No Deal and half of Suze Orman. So I didn't hop out of bed this morning, it was somewhere at the crack of noon! I doubt I will make it through all of the Oscars tonight, either.
Take care!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I must have a face that looks like anyone can say anything to me and not think that it will hurt my feelings. My feelings were hurt a few weeks ago, but I am trying to let that go. But today at the nursing home, someone asked me if I was trying to get fat!!!! I am very sensitive about my weight, and I know that I have several pounds to lose. But Jean and I ate and ate, knowing that we would start back on diets when she left. So, when I got home from the n.h., I made myself some homemade pancakes!! If I'm going to be fat, well, I'm going to be fat! I hadn't eaten lunch so I was hungry. They were pretty good, although one burned and it is very aromatic. But it tasted good, burned or not!
I don't know. I look at everyone else and more people are fatter than me. And I have noticed that in the medical profession, there aren't too many skinny people. I have been skinny and I don't want to do that again. I like having a little weight on me. Keeps me warm.
Anyway, I just had to get that off of my massive chest.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My new bathroom

My new bathroom looks like a spa! Jean did an extraordinary job on it, plus she cleaned up my adjoining bedroom, cleaned up a kitchen cabinet, plus the kitchen, just amazing stuff.
I am so very tired, I sat down to watch something and woke up an hour later, so I am about to hit the bed. Everyone have a great day tomorrow!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Purge, purge, purge

If anyone has been reading Erica's blog, you will notice that she mentions throwing away a lot of stuff from her past. WELL, so am I. Jean is still here and my bathroom is just adorable, yet there is so much Bath and Body Work crap, it is taking up all of my new space! So, I have thrown some of the older, probably at least ten years old, stuff away. She is helping me get organized, big time, and has decided to stay until Sunday. Her dog will get to play with my dogs tomorrow and I have to work and she has a few "touch ups" to do in the bathroom. Right now she is in my kitchen cabinet! She is merciless!!! I am so very thankful for everything she has done because I wouldn't have done anything, seriously, but sit in that chair, feeling miserable. I have to work tomorrow, but I am still up. I will go to bed soon. My hip has been hurting and I have been sitting on the floor going through things, and the "old gray mare just ain't what she used to be" when it comes to hips and legs and backs!!!!!!!
Work has been okay. I don't want to go but I think that is a normal response to work, isn't it? I have only been averaging two to three hours a day, three days a week. What am I complaining about? I couldn't ask for anything more, except more money!!!!
Mom, Jean, and I went to the nursing home Valentine's party today. It was packed! They gave crowns to the men, beaded tiaras to the women, with "Queen for the Day" banners to wear!! Then they drew names and mom won a prize! When they were singing, I looked down and she was singing along, which makes me feel extremely happy. It was a good day. We visited quite a while, but then she was really tired and wanted to go to bed before supper, so Jean and I put her to bed. Now I am ready to go to bed!!!!!
I gave her a cute cute cute teddie bear with pink hearts on it's feet and it was holding a pink heart. Then I gave her a little box of candy with a cat on the front. Gotta cover both animal groups!!!!! If I still had a bird, I would have had to find a bird with candy in it!!!!
Well, I really am tired and am going to go to bed now. Take care and Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!! Love y'all!!!!
Oh, four of my "kittens" turned 12 today. Happy birthday, Stimpy, Bear, Chloe, and Campbell!!!!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

The dumbest rodent ever!

Sunday, I noticed that Buffy, one of the cats, was playing with something, throwing it up in the air, chasing it, throwing it in the air again. I got concerned. It was a mouse, one that the Lord had already called home, probably in a horrible way! So, that was the dumbest rodent EVER, to come into this house with all of the cats. I hope he was the only one!
Jean is here and we are cleaning and talking. Well, she is doing most of the cleaning! I changed litter boxes, so that was something. Oh, and about the mouse, I threw him out and Buff was looking everywhere for it. She got over it. She's a good cat.
But Chloe is peeing on EVERYTHING these days. She is going to become an outside cat, even though she's never been out, when it permanently warms up. I cannot take anymore.
We're going to Jackson today for a quick trip. That will be fun.
Well, that's all I have to say for the moment.