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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!!

The trip to New Jersey was heavenly. Good people, good food, good all around. I had no trouble maneuvering through the airports, the flights were fine, everything crowded and smushed together, but altogether fun.
Christmas Day was lovely. I got quite a few nice gifts, that I totally appreciate. I must be writing some thank you notes very soon!!!! It was good to be with Christopher and Katie during the time, too. I really am glad I didn't have to stay in Vicksburg during Christmas.
My job is going along fine, too, except it is very tiring. I work three to four days as a hostess at the buffet at the new casino. I just can't sit down! My almost 55 year old legs get so very very tired that I can't do anything after work. I will be glad when Daylight Saving Time comes back and it will be more daylight in the evening. I want to start a walking program and that would make it easier to do. Rest a little, then hit the road!! I'm not ready for summer, though, mind you. Just a little more daylight!!!
Well, I don't have a lot more to say. I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning of 2009. "2009, everything will be FINE". My new mantra. The last two years sucked so bad, I feel I'm due for some good things. Of course, I'm just being prejudiced!!!
Later, y'all!!!


  • At Saturday, January 03, 2009, Blogger the cleaning lady said…

    No, you're not prejudiced. I think we're both due some good things. We should have some travel adventures. That's always good for a laugh and so deservedly refreshing. Let's travel this year.


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