Tricia Dishes

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm still here!

Hello, everyone. I am still here. I hope that everyone is reading Erica's blog where she is transcribing my dad's memoirs. It is fascinating! I would love to talk to him about it and find out other things that he did. It's amazing, isn't it, that we have to go to work and go about our business and then poof! You're gone and it's over. I don't want my life to be like that, nor do I want any of yours to be like that, but what can you do? With today's economy, who can just do what they want to do, to be with family, or go somewhere and create memories to TELL the next generation!!!!! I was watching something last night and when a character asked another character when her husband had died, she said "fourteen years but it seems like day before yesterday". That is the honest truth. My dad has been gone since October 1994, but reading the memoirs, it feels just like he is there, telling the story. And of course, it seems like five minutes ago that David passed away but do you know it has been almost fourteen months???!!! I find that unbelievable.
The cat situation around here has gotten worse. I have two old cats, the mother and daughter, who pee on everything. The worst is that they pee on the stove. Now I am no gourmet cook and I haven't been eating much of anything but microwave pancakes, but occasionally I will heat up a can of soup. Ah, then there is the wonderful cat pee smell, even though I have cleaned it up with 409 or something. I think I am going to get a plastic bottle with a bleach mixture, it may be better. Oh, in fact, I just heard the cat jump down. Let me go check. Well, good, she was just checking out her spot for me to wake up to tomorrow!!!!!
Yesterday was seventy degrees. Today was cold. But yesterday afternoon, I actually sunbathed! Mainly just my face. It felt so good. I am ready for spring and even summer since I missed all of that last year. My jaw is better, but I have days when I can hardly talk. The doc is still giving me medicine but I think time is going to be the major thing that gets it gone. I'm ready to see it in the rearview mirror!!!!
Well, I am going to bed now. Take care!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

My dad

Everyone should go read Erica's blog. She is transcripting my father's memoirs, memoirs that we didn't know existed, and it is so very interesting. In fact, he writes, or should I say "I" write a lot like him!! You know, conversational and all.
Work is going all right. I do not like some aspects of the job, but that is with all jobs, I'm sure. If I keep eating pancakes, which I seem to do everyday, I will outgrow my uniform, so I am ready for warmer weather and daylight savings time so I can hit the hills of Vicksburg and try to whittle away what weight I have put on. At least, I LIKE pancakes!! Everything else I have to be really careful of, because I have almost choked a few times when I couldn't chew because of the pain. fun. But it is better and I have Heimliched myself a couple of times.
Now, on to the cats. I really need some good homes for some of them. I love them all, but some more than other, you know what I mean. They need someone to love them unconditionally. So, if you can think of anyone........
Well, I just came in from work and I need to go feed these animals and then collapse. I rolled a whole bus tub of silverware in less than an hour so I was proud of that. My boss, who is 28, btw, laughed when I showed her. It hurt my feelings and I told her it did. She said she was just joking. I'm not too sure, but I have to be back there Monday so I will get over it. It was just the principle of the thing, you know.
Okay, that is all for now. Take care and go read Erica's blog!!!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

New pic of Goober in Chicago

I miss that little dog. I hear barking and it sounds just like her!!! If it is her, she has a powerful bark to be heard from Chicago!! I will see her again the next time I go to Chicago, whenever THAT will be. This job thing keeps getting in the way!!!!! Although, they have been extremely accommodating with my schedule, so who knows?
Okay, I am hitting the proverbial hay, soon. But I am so HUNGRY!! I drank a Slimfast for supper. I am still hungry!! I am craving pancakes, which I bought today. Hmmmm, less than two minutes in a microwave. I just might have to indulge! And I wonder why I am gaining weight!!!!!
Later, gang!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!!

The trip to New Jersey was heavenly. Good people, good food, good all around. I had no trouble maneuvering through the airports, the flights were fine, everything crowded and smushed together, but altogether fun.
Christmas Day was lovely. I got quite a few nice gifts, that I totally appreciate. I must be writing some thank you notes very soon!!!! It was good to be with Christopher and Katie during the time, too. I really am glad I didn't have to stay in Vicksburg during Christmas.
My job is going along fine, too, except it is very tiring. I work three to four days as a hostess at the buffet at the new casino. I just can't sit down! My almost 55 year old legs get so very very tired that I can't do anything after work. I will be glad when Daylight Saving Time comes back and it will be more daylight in the evening. I want to start a walking program and that would make it easier to do. Rest a little, then hit the road!! I'm not ready for summer, though, mind you. Just a little more daylight!!!
Well, I don't have a lot more to say. I hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning of 2009. "2009, everything will be FINE". My new mantra. The last two years sucked so bad, I feel I'm due for some good things. Of course, I'm just being prejudiced!!!
Later, y'all!!!