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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Here I am again

I am sorry it takes me so long to get to blogging these days. This job is tiring and when I get home, I have to take care of the animals and sometimes I just collapse on the chair! I need an office job so I am putting my "feelers" out at work to see if I can work one out after the holidays. I still have the spasms in my jaw but my mouth is so sore I still have so much trouble eating. It's embarrassing!!! I can barely chew without great pain. Who'd have thunk I wouldn't be able to eat???!?!?
I still have some cats that I would love to find good homes for. Think about if anyone you know, or even YOU, would love a little spayed/neutered mature cat. I have got to do something very soon and I can't send them to a place where they may be put down. It's not their fault, I took them in to care for them and love them, and I do, but I just need to find homes where they will be loved a lot more, not just in a passel of cats!
OKay, this is about all I can do right now. Take care. And, all you IGT people, something will open up, I'm sure. I am just sorry everything is going on right now.


  • At Monday, November 17, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Let me know when you need some help around the house, with the critters or whatever. Im still here.


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