Tricia Dishes

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Life is going on....

So, today I go see the place where I work for the first time. I just tried on my uniform - a skirt, hose, can you believe it? I even bought a girdle, for heaven's sake!!!!!! We have full dress rehearsal on Saturday or Sunday, and the casino is having a "soft opening" on Tuesday evening. So then I will start "hostessing" on Wednesday. Five hours a day. Five hours that I WON'T be sitting in the recliner! I have been doing that too much lately. These seminars and orientation sessions haven't been too bad, other than just sitting there. I learned to do that when David would be having CT scans and such and such.
I have had some very depressing feelings, though. This was our favorite time of year and he had assured me that we would go to Vermont to see the leaves change before he died. Mistletoe Market has been being advertised lately. I just don't know if I can go to that. My counselor said to try to start a new tradition. I think working in a casino is going to help me. I hope that that will get me out of my depression and will help me meet other people. I have met some, but most are so young, they really don't have a lot to say to me. It is strictly a young crowd. There were a few older workers in the sessions, but not too many. I have been talking to the young ones and the other day this girl went on and on about how she got carded and blah blah blah. I asked her how old she was now - 22. I am not a partier so hostess for the "elderly", which, by the way, they classify as 50 and above, will be better for me. 50? Elderly? Then give me Medicare!!!!!!
Okay, that is all for today. I have to go to the store to get pet food. My neighbor, Marian, talked to one of her daughters who lives on a farm, so they are taking Teddie, so her grandaughter can take care of her, along with Little Guy and Blue. I don't want to get rid of anyone, but it has been too hard, of late, to deal with all of the critters. I will miss them, especially Blue, but he showed up here after Katrina so he will love being on a farm. So will Guy, who has never seemed happy here. And all Teddie does is sleep so it will probably do her good to have someone to play with her.
Okay, see y'all later! Be careful out there!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Quite a week

Today is a very sad day. Bill Floyd, Cheryl's dad, passed away. He had just gotten sick a few weeks ago and it just went downhill fast. Such is life....
I totalled my mother's car on Tuesday. The adjuster said I could have been killed in the accident by the way it looked. Thank God for airbags, but now I am driving the 92Subaru with NO airbags. I am really nervous.
I went to my first orientation of my new job. They had another one scheduled for tomorrow but I guess someone remembered it was a holiday. So, I go Tuesday. I really think I am going to like the job.
Well, I am tired, sore, depressed, and think I need to just zone some more, or heck, it's almost bedtime! Here's to a better week ahead.

It is with great sadness that another one of my friends, Jean Brudevold in Florida, lost her father this weekend also.
My prayers are with both of them.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A lesson learned.....

Don't think that just because it is made from milk, that yogurt can partially substitute when you don't have enough milk. I made pancakes last night and used one half cup of vanilla yogurt. Burned to a crisp almost the second it hit the griddle. So, lesson learned. It still smells like burned pancakes in the kitchen. At least it covers the cat pee smell!!!