Tricia Dishes

Sunday, September 21, 2008


In our family, while the children were growing up, David was the pancake/french toast/waffle maker in the family. Well, my mouth is extremely sore today, and after a trip to Wal Mart, in which I forgot my Aunt Gemima's, I decided to look in one of the many cookbooks I have for a simple pancake recipe. I found one. I made pancakes! They were delish!!! and very easy to eat, I might add. And they were very easy to make. I had no clue. I thought David was doing some magic in that kitchen! I guess he was, he was cooking for the people he loved the most!
So, that is another part of the "reinvention" of Patricia Reid. I know it's a little thing but, baby steps, baby steps! And I had a wonderful meal with Cracker Barrel syrup on them. Yumm yumm to my tum!!
Have a great Monday. I am going to watch a football game now!!!!!


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