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Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday, Monday

Well, I got bummed out as soon as I checked the computer. BERNIE MAC DIED! He seemed to be such a family man and really funny, it just makes me sad. Too many young men being taken away, don't you agree?
I am going to see mom at the nursing home soon. It is so weird, mom in a nursing home! But she can't live by herself now and after the last year or two, I CANNOT become a caregiver again. I still am recovering from that.
The spasms come and go, mainly come, and I applied for a job the other day. I am so concerned that I am going to spasm my way out of a job if I can't get them under control. I have only been on the new medicine for a little over a week. Maybe, just maybe, it will kick in and I will be okay. I had four days without them last week, so I know they are getting better. I am just afraid that the spasms will overcome the medicine! I go back to the doc next week.
I love the fact that it is so cloudy and drizzly outside today. Finally, coolness. Although, I have to admit, since I am on this medicine, one of them make me cold, so I haven't gotten really hot this summer. And it is almost mid August, so can I say "YAY"? OKy, YAY!
WEll, that is all for now. Talk to you soon! I may have used this pic before, but it kind of sets the tone for a Monday, don't you think?


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