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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Here I am again!

So, it's been a while since I have posted anything. My typing skills have suffered, probably from all of the medicine I have been taking. BUT, this newest she gave me has really done a good job. I can talk again and the spasms have slowed down. I don't mean that it goes sloooooow, I mean few and far between!! And yes, it is a second antidepressant, but I am feeling so much better, I just am not worried about it!
Congrats to Pam for her new grandson, Anthony.
Well, my new couch has pick marks on it and I discovered a long mark on it. It is still worth the money and let's face it, it is a couch. I refuse to let it get me down, especially after what is important to me that I have lost!
Here is some big news - my mother has permanently moved into a nursing home, the one that my sister works at. She seems healthier and she is not alone and we don't have to worry if she is eating and taking her meds. It is a weird feeling. The ol'homestead will not be there anymore, but you know, so much has changed, this is just one more thing. If I had known she was going to do this, I'd have just taken her couch!!! That is the best couch!!! But again, it is just a thing.
I had better sign off now. I am making more errors and it just takes a lot of effort to do this now. But it is getting better every day.
OH, it is 100 degrees. One of my medicines keeps me cold all of the time. So I have had the thermostat set pretty high and am comfortable. BONUS! The light bill won't be so high!!!!!!!! And I am not sweating as much as usual, so that is so wonderful!
Okay, see ya later!


  • At Saturday, August 02, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I am soooo glad to see you back at the ole blog again. And, I am even more glad to hear you are doing and feeling better. Love you, C. Swan

  • At Saturday, August 02, 2008, Blogger Marian Love Phillips said…

    I'm glad also to see you posting again...that is are the reason that I joined blogger - so you need to keep it up and running for me now. Glad you are much better. Yay! I like the little cute chickie pix! :)

  • At Sunday, August 03, 2008, Blogger Dan Telfer said…

    Your ability to post adorable pictures certainly hasn't been affected.

    Welcome back!


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