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Sunday, August 17, 2008

A Favor

Hey, y'all. Sunday morning and all is well. I have quite a bit of energy lately, although the face still hurts, along with my mouth. But all in all, I am better. I have been taking bee pollen so if I start turning yellow and black, please tell me!
My favor is, could everyone send me their address and phone number? I have flat dab lost my address book and I am lost without it. I need to get another one, MUCH bigger, like that big ass calculator that I have!!!! I appreciate it!!!!
It seems cooler outside. I know we will have one hundred degree days again, but until then, ahhhh, cooler. In fact, this hasn't even been a hot summer for me. One of the many drugs I am taking keeps me from sweating too much. So, I have gone from taking a couple of baths a day due to the heat, to being able to hang up my clothes because I didn't sweat!!! Hallelujah!!!!
OKay, I will talk to everyone later. PLEASE send me your home addresses, if you don't mind, because I need to start addressing Christmas cards soon!!!!!!!!!
Thanks!!! Here is another pic of Goob with one of her new friends. Isn't she precious? She looks totally happy, which makes me totally happy! WELL, I can't get to the picture. Believe me, she is happy. She has a one eyed dog that she plays with quite often. I don't know what the deal is with my computer. I can finally get mail at both of my addresses so, who knows? I hope it fixes itself!!!


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