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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Here I am!!

OKay, okay. It has been a while since I have posted anything. But I have been in Chicago, haven't felt hunky dory enough to post, and really didn't have anything to say.
So, what's the buzz, you ask. Well, Chicago is a tiring town. WALK WALK WALK or drive round and round to find a parking place. Thank goodness I can just get in my car and drive off, and when I come home, just pull up in front. But the town is lovely and I had acupuncture! It was odd. Only about four of the needles hurt enough to say "ow" and then they were immediately removed. I saw some new babies, cuties all, and some not even born yet!
We took four cats and Goober up there to be adopted. It hurt very much to give Goober to a new family. She slept in the bed with me all week until Friday when we took her to her new home. She is probably already spoiled. I understand that she wore a Cubs jersey Saturday night and was the queen of a Cubs party! That makes me happy. The cats, Tony and Estelle, went to great homes. I am anxious to see how Tone is doing and yes, I meant to type "Tone" because that is what I called him the most. The little girl kitten may just have found a home with Erica and Fuzzy. No one was in the market for a precious little girl cat, so......
I have had a good health day today. I have been having some horrendous ones lately, but today was okay. Let's just hope and pray that it stays okay. I had a wonderful lunch and supper today, fried rice with shrimp and pork, courtesy of a little Lamb. Thanks again, C.!!! She did a great job of keeping my house from falling apart while I was gone.
Mom is in the nursing home, but she seems to be "coming back" which makes me very happy. Norma is resting at home now, and it will take some time, but she is improving, slowly.
We have a massive flea problem this year. Hopefully, the rain got rid of some of them.
Well, that's all I've got today. When I start to read something or do something at the computer, I get so sleepy!! And sleepy I am right now!! Too bad it is only six p.m. I just can't go to bed that early!!!!!!!
OH, if you send me emails, send them to, not the bellsouth one. For some reason, I cannot get in there now, so I am going back to the tried and true.
Have a great evening people!!!! Oh, and can't you just see Goobie in a Cubs jersey? He is going to send pics of her wearing it. I can't wait!!


  • At Wednesday, June 25, 2008, Blogger Marian Love Phillips said…

    Glad you are home....Bob and I enjoyed the cookies..they were delicious..also, love my litte happy. You are the sweetest and kindest neighbor that ever was...Love & Hugs, Marian :)

  • At Friday, June 27, 2008, Anonymous Melodyh said…

    have thought of you often....
    I need to call Norma....I work nights, so Im asleep when ya'll are
    just am jottin this to let ya know that I'm thinkin of ya...I know how hard it is to give up I am facing that myself...sux rox.


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