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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Quick rundown of the last few days

Okay, Monday, my clothes dryer died. Home Depot had a sale, as always, so I bought a Maytag. I will never need a repairman ever now.
I went to the coffeeshop and it was good to be back there. Unbeknownst to me, however, my mother in law was lying in a ditch by her mailbox. Luckily, a neighbor heard her. She has been at the hospital since then, nothing broken, just very sore, but she IS 81 years old, so they are sending her tomorrow to do in house (a nursing home, in fact, the one my sister works at) physical therapy and maybe she will get well fast. I hope so, because I really enjoy hanging out with her. I went to WAlmart and got her a bunch of housedresses, so she will be fashionable walking up and down the halls doing her physical therapy!
Me? I am exhausted and about to go to bed. I woke up tired today and it hasn't gotten any better so early to bed for me this evening.
Everyone have a great Friday.


  • At Friday, May 30, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    hey-what a week! i hope Mama can get over this trip quickly
    you take care and don't over do yourself...

  • At Sunday, June 01, 2008, Blogger Marian Love Phillips said…

    Sorry your mother-in-law fell...thank goodness a neighbor was close by. Glad you got to go to the coffee shop. Hang in there Tricia! :)

  • At Monday, June 02, 2008, Blogger Pam said…

    Well, I'm finally back and it's soooo good to come back to you doing so much better!! Red couch? Coffeeshop?? :-) I am just so pleased for you..onward and upward! So sorry to hear about scary is that? I hope she gets better fast and doesn't have to deal with this too long..I know how she likes to go casino hoppin'! :-) Taking care of someone else is really good medicine, but don't forget to also take care of yourself, so you can continue to get better.


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