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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Doctor update

WEll, I still can't type worth anything, but other than that, the doctor was so impressed with my progress she just kept saying it was just so great. SO. That's great!! I am very dizzy still, which prohibits me from driving, but hopefully, that will go away soon. I got another pill and a change to one I already had. ANd if you hear a scream in the night, it will be because of that big ass glowing butterfly trying to help me sleep!!!!(Lunesta). Then they were going to hook me up with a case manager to try to get on disability. I asked the woman, do I LOOK like I could get disability, and she said no, so we're on hold for the moment. I stll plan to try to get a good job in the fall, preferably in the new Riverwalk casino. It's a hop, skip, and a jump from my house, plus I probably would get decent pay and benefits! I am tired of paying five hundred bucks everyone month!!!
So, that is that. And Christy, how did you know that the white cat and I have the same new bathing suit???????
Later, dudes and dudesses, oh, and aren't baby hedgehogs precious???


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