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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Stuff 'n such

Here are just a few things happening - the pain in my jaw, face, and tongue, UNBEARABLE!! The Botox injections have yet to stop the spasms. great, all that pain from 10 injections and they don't work? wonderful
I have basically spent the last three weeks either in bed or at a doctor's office. It even hurts to watch television. Sucks.
I've lost 15 pounds by basically just eating popsicles and jello. So, that is kind of a good thing.
But here is the best good thing - THE YP'S HAVE MOVED AWAY!! ALL GONE!! HOUSE EMPTY!! BITCH IS IN ANOTHER STATE!! I just feel sorry for St. Louis, now!
Okay, that's it. I am in agony so it is time for more drugs and bed.


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