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Saturday, March 01, 2008


All right, I am sick and tired of this damn face hurting! I feel like The Elephant Man! In fact, Carl, David's brother, was over here for a few hours and I kept saying "I am not an animal", but he assured me that it didn't look as bad on the outside as it feels on the inside. Well, I should hope not, because I would have to put a paper bag over my head! I find myself sucking on the inside of my cheek that hurts so badly, just to keep from accidentally chomping it again. This is the damnedest thing I have ever had!! But it was certainly good to visit with Carl. We talked about lots and lots of stuff, with me holding and rubbing my cheek the whole time. In fact, when he left, he said I wouldn't need a facial since I had been rubbing my face for five hours! It just hurts really bad. I have already taken pain killers, but they haven't worked, so I will be going to bed soon, so being unconscious will help a lot. I just hope I stay asleep for several hours. I am just ready for it to be over with. Duh. Of COURSE I want severe facial pain to be over, that's a no brainer!
Anyway, good to see Carl, who was over here because The Chill, his band, played at the Run Thru History today. And he had his tradition RTH sunburn, too. Me? I barely saw the sun today. I stayed inside in bed, most of the day, except for feeding the dogs and when Carl and I went to Wendy's to pick up something for supper. Baked potato...felt so goooood again my poor cheek innards. I would sleep with it in my mouth, if I weren't afraid that I would choke to death! That would not be cool.
So, that is it for now.
OH, for those of you from this area and have heard of The Castle in Raymond, the one where you could ride around it at Christmas time and see all of the decorations and have Santa and Mrs. Claus wave at you? WELL, I got a notice today that all of the contents of that house are being auctioned off in Vicksburg on March 15, due to a court order! We had heard they were gun runners. I guess the gun runnin' business has fallen on hard times, just like the rest of the businesses around here. I just may have to go take a gander at all the stuff being auctioned off. I don't want it, but it doesn't cost anything to look, does it??


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