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Friday, February 08, 2008

My birthday surprise.....

Okay, you saw the picture of me with my new driver's license. I am pretty happy with the picture on the license, AND the picture of me holding the driver's license. It was a good day. We had eaten lunch with Norma, but before we went, she had to bring me something to put in the refrigerator. It was HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE PUDDING!! She knows how much I love chocolate pudding and this had absolutely taste bud thrilling mind blowing orgasmic flavor!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMM!!!
After lunch, we went to my counseling session, but my counselor was running late so I left (I told them I was leaving! Don't worry!!) Then on to the DMV. After that groovy picture of me was taken holding my new legal plastic, off to the coffee shop, where we sat for a few minutes chatting, drinking coffee, you know, the usual. So, then we came back to the house.
There was a package in the mailbox, and, being my birthday, I was not surprised. But boy was I surprised when I saw who it was from. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Oh, I guess you are. ANYWAY, it was from ------ GREGG ALLMAN AND HIS WIFE!!!!!! Stacey, his wife, wrote a note about how she had lost her uncle to cancer, how cancer doesn't kill love, and how she and Gregg were so glad to have met David, that he seemed like a wonderful man and that she knows he will be missed. Gregg wrote a little note, but, like most husbands, I'm sure that Stacey said, here Gregg, sign this, and he did. AND she sent a book!!! So, folks, I have to write a thank you note to Gregg Allman. Yep. Unbelievable! And even weirder, it came on Feb. 4. The carving had been done on Feb. 3, 1973. Had the third not been on a Sunday, I would have gotten it then. Does that just not prove that God's in his heaven and all's right with the world? There ARE NO COINCIDENCES!!!
Because of things like this, I KNOW that David Reid is with me always. He is the air that I breathe! I am feeling better, both physically and mentally EVERY DAY. That is what David would want for me to do, I have no doubt. Now, before you think, wow, she just is a cold uncaring woman, I want you to know that David is on my mind constantly. But I can think of him, even at the end, without bursting into tears. For example, this morning, I just lay in the bed thinking of that last week, remembering - remembering what I said, what he said, the final day. It makes me quite sad. But I didn't cry. I took a deep breath, got out of the bed, and have started my day. And the continual loop of his death has stopped playing in my brain, thank God. I am beginning to remember fun stuff, stuff BEFORE the cancer interrupted our lives. These are all GOOD things! Plus, I am actually having pain free moments, something that hasn't happened in I don't know how long!!
Having Jean here for these last few days was great. We talked, watched Project Runway, talked, ate, talked, watched Project Runway, talked, and then we even talked some more! And when I dropped her off at the airport yesterday, I picked Erica up and we went to Starkville to see Melissa and Delia. I had been hesitant about going to Starkville yesterday. It is hard to break out of the decades long habit of being home when David got home, and especially the last year and a half, of having to be with David to help him do things. But how freeing I felt, when I was in Melissa's backyard with their precious dog, Miller, and it was 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon!!! Y'all, I am feeling joy that I haven't felt in I cannot remember when!! Don't stop praying for me, though. I still need that! I do not know what I will do to bring in an income, but I am still a while away from deciding that. It is just still too soon. I feel that I will be led to do something, however, I just don't know the timetable.
So, here are some pictures of the card from the Allmans AND Norma and I at lunch. The pictures of Melissa and the baby will be up later. And here is a picture of the door of the coffee shop, with David's hat and the plaque. What a great man he was!!!
Have a wonderful Friday!!!! I love you all!!!!


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