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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I've just gotta keep my trap shut!!!

So, the jaw thing.... I went on Web Md last night to see what their recommendations were for this jaw pain, known as TMJ, which is short for some long, unpronounceable name that I don't want to look up to see how to spell it correctly. Basically, I just have to keep my mouth shut!! Oh, and do NOT try to eat an apple with this, it'll kill ya!!! Rest and heat plus anti-inflammatories are the recommended treatment, so, I have been cooking my face, resting, taking my meds, and it does seem to be a little better today. I do have to go run some errands, so I know I will be holding my face before I get through with that! I look ridiculous holding my face, but it helps. In fact, the experts recommend holding your chin when you yawn, so as not to open your mouth very wide! When I first had this TMJ thingie, years ago, they told me to open my mouth wide so it could pop back into the right place. Well, apparently that is wrong information in 2008. And since I was trying to do that and it hurt severely bad, I have to say I like this idea better. The less pain I have, the happier I am, needless to say. I have some straws and some ingredients for smoothies. That may be my food for the next couple of days. When I think of the poor people who have broken jaws and have to have their jaws wired shut (Jeremy, Joe), it just gives me the SHIVERS to think how bad that has to be!!! One of the things on the website mentions that your teeth may not go together correctly? Yep. Mine don't "match" anymore. I hope that this will rectify itself, too. There's just always something, isn't there???
I went to the counselor yesterday. It was good to get back, although by the end of the session I had chomped the inside of my cheek and the side of my tongue numerous times. I go back next week. She said that it is not surprising that I have had such a hard time lately, that the fact that it is at the three month mark DOES just emphasize the fact that is a permanent situation. Take THAT, internist who said I should be "moving on"!! I know that I will swing from good days to bad for quite a while, I just need to try to deal with it. And I will have to, and I will survive.
My handicapable kitten is crawling all over the floor meowing. What's up with that, Teddie? I don't know what she is trying to say, so I think I will just plop her on her bed. Once she is there, she won't move for hours!
Well, everyone have a good day today. It is sunny, thank goodness, but that wind is still kind of cutting. I am so ready for springtime. Who isn't??


  • At Thursday, February 28, 2008, Blogger Pam said…

    No, no, no..we don't want you to keep your trap shut!! hahaha..We love hearing from you..Don't you just love it when you find out your ailment is something that there is really nothing you can do about?? Glad you are feeling better today..I'm not sure how I would handle the TMJ thing since I eat about 2-3 apples a day.. Hmm..Glad you got to talk to your counselor..Sounds like she put things in perspective for you..Remember the roller coaster.. you will go up and down a lot, but you ARE getting somewhere.. Love you..

  • At Friday, February 29, 2008, Blogger cap'n hardqore said…

    jaw wired shut. ugh. it still hurts now and then just to remind there's a plate and some screws in there holding it together...


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