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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Well, I hope everyone is doing well. I am okay, except for my funky jaw! It really feels like it belongs on someone else's face! And that's not good!!! I went to a doctor today, one that does NOT deal with mouths, but she looked in mine and was concerned because of how much pain I am in, so she gave me an anti-inflammatory to take. I hope it works. I know that it is just TMJ, and there is really nothing that can be done about it, other than take stress out of my life, stop grinding my teeth at night, and stop clenching my jaw. Okay. Easier said than done, unfortunately. Physically, other than the jaw thing, I feel pretty decent. I have lost a couple of more pounds, which makes me feel better. Mentally, however, I am still not wonderful. My main problem is getting motivated. I really am having trouble getting out of bed everyday. I watched the old Hitchcock movie "The Birds" the other night, and the "older" woman in it, a widow for four years, says to Tippie Hedren that she dreams about her husband and then wakes up, ready to get up and fix his breakfast, then she gets up and then remembers that he's gone, and she doesn't have a reason to get out of bed. That's true. I dream about David and then I wake up and go, oh yeah, and just pull the cover up higher and higher. And sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and expect him to be in the bedroom and then it hits me, he isn't here, nor will he ever be again. My mother, who lost my father over thirteen years ago, says that she still wakes up and thinks he is in the bed next to her, and she will reach out. My mother in law still smells George's cigarettes sometimes. So, I'm kind of thinking that I am going to be having these feelings for quite a while, no matter what the doctor from last week thinks!!! Shoot, people miss a favorite dog for years, of COURSE you can miss your spouse as long!!!
But tomorrow I go to my counselor and that will be good. It has been a few weeks since I have seen her so I think that it will be quite helpful to me. Maybe it will even get me to unclench my jaw!!! I hope so, I am really tired of this!!
Well, that's it for now. The cat picture is how I feel with MY jaw. Hopefully, I do not look as scary!!!
Oh, no moving van yet. COME ON, YP'S, MOVE ALREADY!!!


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