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Monday, February 04, 2008

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me,.....

So, today is my birthday! And what a birthday it will be! I probably will have to wait at the DMV for hours to get my license renewed, I still haven't gotten my new glasses, BUT THE GIANTS WON!!! YAY YAY YAY!!! AND, my friend Jean from Florida flew in Saturday night (and boy were her arms tired!), so we had good homemade chili and cake and ice cream last night!! And the game? It was GREAT!! Kind of heart stopping a couple of times, but Eli pulled it out!! We ran into the front yard and screamed and cheered and then ran back inside to my phone ringing where my mother in law was screaming and cheering! Then Linda called, screaming and cheering! And for those of you who wanted New England to win, well, understand that the Mannings are football royalty in Mississippi. I mean, every few minutes Archie and Eli are doing Bancorp South banking commercials. They are home grown!!! We love Peyton and Eli!
Also, yesterday was the birthday of my wonderful son in law, Fuzzy! Happy happy, Fuzzy! Also, it was the birthday of Suzanna in New Mexico, AND my physical therapist Susan H., too!! February birthdays are great!!!
Well, I gotta go. I just wanted to touch base about the last couple of days. Oh, yesterday, the phone rang, and it was an older man wanted to speak to David. Said he hadn't talked to David in a "coon's age" and wondered if he was anywhere around. Lawsy. You know I am going to get phone calls like that for years. He was sad, needless to say. He had been an old customer of David and my dad's when they sold two-way radios. Oh well, it was good to talk to the man anyway.
HAVE A GREAT DAY!!!! Okay, the picture function isn't working now. Again, imagine a cat doing something cute, say blowing out birthday candles, yeah, now you have it!! Later, dudes and dudesses!! I'm FINALLY twenty one years old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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