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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tuesday afternoon, about to have a storm

I have felt crummy all day today. I hate to start off this post with that, but it is the honest truth. I think that I am trying to catch something, something that I really don't want. But, since we had below freezing temperatures last week, and absolutely springlike weather for the last couple of days, well, something was BOUND to happen! I hope that by staying in today, I can ward it off. I have too much to do in the next few days to be sick. Plus, my new glasses are in and I want to go get them. My eyes are so blurry, though, from feeling bad, so that concerns me that I will get a massive headache when I get them! Oh woe is me, woe is me.
I got my alarm system today. I am supposed to hook it up. I opened the box and I just feel so helpless, this is something that David would have no trouble with, at all. I am overwhelmed, and feeling sick doesn't help, that's for sure.
Yesterday, Norma and I put a shepherd's hook out at the cemetery. I put two chimes on it, one with a frog on it and then a wooden one. They were very pretty, sounded nice, but then I noticed that one of the chimes was missing from the frog one! That upsets me, because that was something that David couldn't stand, something not being "even". So, I am going to try to find another chime (it was the last frog one, though) and rob it to fix it. In the spring, I want to get a nice basket of spring flowers to put out there. Y'all, I just cannot put into words how surreal this whole thing is. I just still can't believe that it actually happened. For example, today I got a phone call for David and I asked who it was. They told me and I told them I was his wife, and she asked that I get the message to him so he can call them back. Well, the woman fell all over herself apologizing when I told her that he was deceased. Those kind of things don't help, you know.
With all of that being said, I am going to end this now. The above picture is of a beautiful cat named "Chicken", wearing an electric blue wig, which, if you are interested in purchasing, I will be glad to send you their website address! Thanks, Dan, for the link!!
Have a good evening.


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