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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Today, Thursday, cold as all get out!

So, things have really been moving along for lots of folks today. Apparently, a new baby girl will be born in Starkville in the next 24 hours or so, so congrats to the new parents!! I talked to the new baby's "Nana" earlier, and things are progressing along quite nicely, thank goodness.
AND, thanks to Frank, Steven, and Toby for coming to my aid in getting the IGT stuff out of here. Yes, it was sad, but it was sadder for me to have to look at the stuff, knowing that David was NOT going to be working with it anymore. And now that they took the printer/computer/fax machine/copier monstrosity off of his desk, it actually makes me feel that I have a little more room to breathe! Same with the garage, it is easy to walk in it now, without having to worry about hurting something. And yes, David was a pack rat of the truest form, so lots of what they took will probably be chunked in a garbage bin, but I couldn't chunk it because I don't know what it is! So, thanks to them for that, big time!
AND, a new human resource person called me today, one that I have never heard of, and David probably didn't know about her either, but anyway, she called to tell me that she would put a packet about the COBRA insurance in the mail to me. WELL, she got the full brunt of my frustration, and she kept telling me that there was no record of my calling and other such claptrap as that, but then when I told her I couldn't even leave messages for some people, that NO ONE from HR had notified the insurance or the 401K people that David had died, that I had gotten phone calls to speak with him, and there was lots and lots of envelopes addressed to him, wanting to help him since he decided to no longer work for IGT, she kind of backed off. I asked her, why on earth would I lie about this? I mean, I KNOW my husband died, but they are the ones that have to do the official "notifying", something that they haven't done! And honestly, I should have gotten the COBRA package BEFORE the coverage ran out, not because I had received a letter telling me that my coverage was ended and I called them, absolutely freaking out! PLUS, she was not aware that David had been working out of our house, so like I told her, if we had been on the coast, our house would not be full of IGT equipment, it would be in the warehouse. Also, I would have had access to all of these names and numbers down there, but I am sitting up here in Vicksburg, Mississippi, mourning the loss of my husband AND having to try to take care of all of these matters that have to be dealt with!! By the end of the conversation, she had given me several numbers, her email address, and was offering to help with an insurance problem. She also said that she herself, had been married for 33 years, so she couldn't imagine what I was having to deal with. I think she and I will be lifelong friends now!!!! But it was sure good to be able to vent all of the frustration that I have had for these last few weeks, and I thanked her profusely for letting me unload about it. So, here it is, the second week of the year, and FINALLY, things are getting done. I gave praise to people who deserved it, too, such as MET Life. Those people have gone above and beyond to help me, make sure that I have money, not waiting around for someone else to do something. And apparently, they didn't let the holidays cloud their judgement or their responsibility. Thank goodness for them.
So, I am just now eating lunch and it is almost 4 in the afternoon! It is so cold outside, I had planned on doing some errands, but nope, I think I will stay right here and drink me a warm, tasty beverage! To quote Scarlett O'Hara, "tomorrow is another day"! I really am in a pretty good mood (it is SO nice to get something accomplished!) and feel pretty good, physically, too! I hope that lasts!
Have a great evening. Tomorrow, I am FOR SURE going to the coffee shop. I think it is time.
Later. Okay, there is a glitch with the picture puttin' part of this blog right now. So, just imagine a cat doing something and you probably will have it right!!


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