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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Okey, dokey, it can warm up now!!!

I KNOW it is January. I am totally aware of that. BUT COME ON!! This is Mississippi, we are supposed to have cold come in, freeze us, and then it warms up. But that is not what has been happening this week. It is cold!! I have been trying to keep my thermostat set very low, around 60, and I am freezing, so I had to turn it up! David would be shivering in here, and I would tell him, as he used to tell me years ago, PUT ON A SWEATER! I am terrified that my gas bill is going to be sky high, but with the temperatures only in the forties, well, even the cats are cold!! I am grateful, though, that at least our temperatures aren't below zero, that's just wrong. Remind me of this when I am complaining about the heat this summer, okay? I, at least, can put on a sweater, but in the summer, well, you know. I really hate heat and humidity.

This week has been very odd. First off, I got a new sleeping pill, the one with the talking beaver in the ads. It works! I have even taken a nap, something that I really don't do. I think that my body, which has been so stressed and sleep deprived, is trying to heal. Sleep is what it needs. Then I had another doctor's appointment yesterday, but after waiting close to two hours, the receptionist called a bunch of names, mine included, and said we would have to be rescheduled for this morning. Well I already had a physical therapy appointment this morning, so I now go back to this doctor on February 26!! Oh, and I blew off the physical therapy appointment this morning so I could sleep! Sue me. It was cold and I was comfy!!
Tomorrow I have an appointment with the Social Security office. They called to remind me - then they called back a couple of hours later and told me we could do it over the phone! Ah, the government. At least now, all I have is my counseling appointment, and I think that it will go well. Things may be looking up, I hope. Plus, she (the counselor) will get a kick out of the for sale sign next door!! Now I am just waiting for the moving van, it cannot come too soon!
Today, however, I did venture out to have lunch with Kathie S. at a nice little cafe. It was a place that David and I wanted to try, but never got around to, so I was curious about it. It was very nice, the food was great, but it was cold since we were sitting near the door. But I had a delicious meal and definitely will be going back. Thanks, Kathie!!

That's about it now. I am yawning like crazy so I better go get in the bed. I did stay awake from about 1 to 4:30 this morning, and I thought about David the whole time, but I was resting, and not flopping back and forth, no thrashing around! So, that was okay, although I hope I sleep through the night tonight. I will let you know if Abe Lincoln, the talking beaver, or the spaceman show up in my dreams!!! I am not sure if that would really be a good thing, though. Hmmmm.....
Stay warm!!!


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