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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Okay, they said it was reinstated......

So, I get an email today from the HR person saying that my insurance is reinstated. Okay, I guess I will gear myself up for a trip to the drugstore tomorrow, and we'll see what happens when I get there!! My poor heart can't take any more shocks for a while!
Physical therapy was quite painful today. I don't know if it is the colder weather, the stress, or a combination of everything, but my leg and hip have really been hurting more than usual, lately. Today's visit really hurt, something that my therapist does NOT want happening. She tried traction but after a couple of minutes, I was really in lots of pain and we stopped that! Then she did an ultrasound treatment, which felt very good, but of course, when I made the comment that it was feeling just great, the machine timed out! Then she put me on heat, which loosened me up some. I go back in the morning and she is going to put those little electrodes on me, which I really do like a lot. When they get the pool heater fixed, I think those exercises are going to be what really does the trick. After just one of those sessions, I could feel a difference. Of course, then the pool heater quit. Figures.
I left physical therapy this afternoon, fully expecting to come home, but something just led me to the coffee shop. I walked in, sat down, and here comes Angie, and what a great visit we had. We both decided that it was meant for us to be in there this afternoon. There are no coincidences. She lost her mother recently to cancer, so we had a lot to talk about, and yes, tears were flowing, but in a good way. But you know how I was saying that I had gone a few days without bursting into tears? Well, I've had a couple of sobfests in the last couple of days. I think all of the stress of the insurance crap and the weather and just the fact that I miss talking to my best friend has just all piled up on me and I had to let it out. I think I am allowed, though.
I am about to go to bed now. The wind has been howling tonight. In fact, I thought that someone was pounding on my door, which scared me. I looked out the door, and thank goodness, no one was there, but I sat back down and heard it again! I went out on the deck and looked down - my huge garbage had been blown against the steps and was basically bouncing up and down! It is still there because it has turned colder and the wind is still quite powerful. I hope that Goober doesn't blow away. I can just see it now on CNN - "Fat, Corgi like dog, blowing across Mississippi". Hmmm, that is a pretty funny image!
Night!!! OH, two people today asked if I had lost weight! Yes, I have, thank you very much!!!! And I am plan to continue to do so!
OH, again! Happy Birthday, Pam Z.!! Hope to see you soon!!!


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